Monday, October 24, 2016

The Storm

Hurricane Mathew hit the southern coast of Haiti.  As you've seen on the news, many areas were devastated, with great loss of both life and property.  Rebuilding will be a struggle.  More lives may be lost as the threat of Cholera increases with the flooding.  It is truly a time for prayer.

Originally, the outer edges of the storm were projected to hit Cap Haitien.  It was believed that we would be hit with 100 mph winds and up to 18 inches of rain.  Weather like that would have certainly impacted the town and the school.  In the days and hours leading up to the storm, Mitch and I prepared by stocking up on water and other supplies.  You would have expected to see everyone in the city rushing around, securing buildings and stocking up.  But it wasn't that way.  I wondered how people could be so calm with danger eminent.  Then I realized that it wasn't calm, but acceptance.  When people have very little, they can't afford to prepare.  They don't have the resources, like television and radio, to understand how bad the storm is projected to be.  So, they wait and they watch.

After the storm, the city continued as it always has because that's what people can do.  At church, just as they did in American churches, they took up money for the victims.  The people here had little to give, but they did give.  And they prayed. 

I am so thankful the storm did not hit Cap Hatien.  When I walk around the town and see everyone still living their lives, I am thankful that we get to continue.  Being this close to what could have been and what actually is, I ask everyone to continue to pray for and support the southern coastal areas.

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