Tuesday, August 9, 2016

one month

It has been a little past a month since I arrived in Cap Haitian. This month has taught me a lot. I'm slowly adapting to the heat and sun. Instead of looking like I just swam every time I leave a fan, I look as though I walked through a light mist. At the start of this journey I did not know any Créole and now I can understand an entire sentence if a person speaks very very slowly. I went from not knowing how to drive a manual, to only stalling once a trip. I went from never writing a blog, to making a few post (although I still need a lot more practice before I'm the next Hemingway). This past month has been an endeavor of learning and I hope it continues.

I wanted to give a special thank you to the people at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Clemson, SC. Without their amazing support as my sending perish, I would have never been able to make this journey.

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